Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing in Cape Town can be a nightmare especially if you deal with the wrong contractor.

Luckily for you, we offer the services required to get you through Cape Town winters.

9 Out of 10 leaks are simple to locate but they can be extremely challenging to fix, especially when you don’t know where they are. This is where we come in. We, fortunately, come backed with practicality and logic. We make use of an array of different products to achieve dry results.

We also have a large collection of specialised tools to test moisture and humidity to allow us to find the leak without causing damage before locating its exact whereabouts.

We come with a long list of happy clients whom we have successfully located and repaired leaks for on roofs, parapets, chimneys, concrete slabs, concrete decks, and more.

Services within waterproofing:

》Leak detection.

》Application of acrylic waterproofing systems.

》Application of silicone waterproofing systems.

》Application of cementitious waterproofing systems.

》Application of rubberised waterproofing systems.

》Application of torch-on waterproofing systems.

Where would you use these products?


》Concrete deck

》Retaining wall

》Steam room


》Dam wall

 And here:


》Concrete slab




》Fish and Koi pond